Four Tips for Saving Money and Looking Your Best

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you will outfit your kids for the coming years. Kids grow so fast, and before you know it they’ll be outgrowing their clothes. EmmK is designed to help parents save money and look stylish by buying clothes that are made to last. Read on below for four tips!

The first thing to keep in mind when buying kids clothes is to buy with the seasons. Kids can be rough on their clothing, so you want them to have something that will last through winter, spring and fall. You don’t need multiple sets of coats or sweaters- just plan for each season. For example, if it’s currently autumn where you live then get your child a few long sleeve shirts , some jeans , sweatshirts along with thick socks .


If you are planning ahead for next year before this one even ends then go online. Online retailers typically offer bigger discounts than brick and mortar stores do because they no longer have overhead costs like rent or utilities since everything is done over the internet instead of physically in the store front. Also make sure to get on mailing lists for popular stores that have great sales because you may get a coupon in the mail.

The next tip is to buy kids clothes based off of what’s going on at school and with friends . If your child goes to an expensive private school then they might not be allowed to wear jeans or sweatshirts, so consider buying them dressier clothing instead. You can still save money by purchasing these items online from less-expensive retailers like Kohl’s , JCpenny , etc., but make sure it isn’t too trendy where after one week everyone else will want to trade back into their wardrobe because it’ll no longer be cool enough to wear anymore. Also keep up with whatever trend is “in” right now!