Seven Steps to Stay Safe On Your Moving Job

Take Care Of Your Safety While Doing The Moving

What is the last thing you want to worry about when moving? Accidents and injuries. There are several steps that will keep you safe on your moving jobs, no matter how long or short it may be. You can easily find moving jobs with out help.

Remove any tripping hazards before starting the move. Make sure you remove all clutter and furniture that could potentially trip someone up during the moving job. This includes putting away anything with wheels or sharp edges, as well as removing any area rugs on hardwood floors. Do not leave these items until after everything is moved!

Make sure your shoes are equipped for a moving job. Wear closed toed shoes when doing heavy lifting jobs, especially if they have rubber soles so you can grip slippery surfaces better without slipping or sliding around while holding large objects like boxes of books or printers over your head! If it’s nice enough outside, consider wearing flat sneakers instead of high heels – they’ll be safer in case something falls onto your feet.

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Make sure your back and arms are protected if you’re going to handle heavier items like appliances or dressers by yourself! It’s important that the object fits in between your legs while bent over so you can carry it easily, yet comfortably without straining or injuring muscles in the process of moving large objects from one location to another. This is also a great time to use gloves for additional grip on surfaces when lifting these larger items off the floor.

Wear protective gear around sharp corners and edges whenever possible during heavy lifting tasks such as furniture and boxes with sharp corners and flimsy sides. Boxes should be completely sealed before being lifted up – do not lift them while they have an open side because contents will shift and potentially fall out or worse yet – the bottom will completely detach from the top, causing objects to scatter all over!

Be sure your moving company has proper insurance, and that they have general liability insurance as well as workers compensation coverage for their employees.

When using moving boxes, tape up flaps before packing them down. This will keep the contents of boxes from spilling out in case they are accidentally dropped or hit against another object with enough force to cause a sizable gash in one side of it. For added protection, wrap each box individually before putting them all together when preparing for moving day!

Before beginning your move on any given day – make sure you have everything packed up and ready to go so there is no need to rush around at the last minute trying to decide what goes where while being potentially injured during an already stressful time period (moving!). Ensure that anything fragile has been wrapped securely with bubble wrap/newspaper/packing paper if needed.